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10 Tips for First Timers

November 5, 2021 | Featured

Not sure what to expect? Whether you’re smoking, vaping or eating edibles for the first time, these tips will help navigate your experience.

Welcome to the high side! You have entered a world full of all things cannabis. There are just a few things we think you should know before you indulge in all this wellness.


cannabis on a table


1. RELAX, Do not Over think it

As you make your way through the cannabis world, it’s important to find your niche. You may hate smoking, love edibles or can’t get with the whole vaping thing. Our Suggestion is to try them all. You have to find your tolerance and also understand you may have a ridiculously high tolerance or a super low tolerance. Everything out there in the market isn’t always grown the same or made the same resulting in different effects.

2. Remember to inhale

It won’t work if you’re not inhaling correctly. You have to make sure it hits your chest your first time, rookies initiation. Be calm and inhale soft and slowly for a better experience and less coughing,

3. Do your research 

Be responsible. Go to reliable sources. Alway examine your products by looking and smelling.

4. Drink water

  • Reduces dry mouth
  • Quenches thirst
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Relieves headaches

5. Be in a safe Location

Please ensure you are in a safe space, never operate a vehicle while under the influence or any heavy machinery. CDC DUI INFORMATION

6. What do I do once I’m high

Relax, enjoy it, embrace the moment. If you need a nap, do it. If you’re feeling creative tap into those talents.

7. This will Happen

You will get cotton mouth. You may get the munchies. You will be high for at least 2 hours depending on your consumption.

8. Smoke tools

Decide on how you’ll smoke flower. Paper, backwoods, pre rolls, bongs, cigars, pipes, vapes. There are many options, pick what works best for you and your situation.

9. Music

Put together a soothing playlist that really stimulates your mood and mind. This helps in relaxing and putting yourself in a good mood.


Be considerate of peoples time. Don’t smoke alone as a beginner.