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Street Lawyer Services hosts Expungement Fair at the NCF Festival

March 4, 2022 | Cannabis Law SLS Events SLS NEWS
The Street Lawyer Foundation

Saturday, April 23 is the day that marijuana users and enthusiasts storm the capital.  Not exactly the same as January 6 but I’m the type of person who’s reckless enough to jokingly make such a comparison.  In actuality, the weed-friendly crowd arrives in D.C. for a ticketed festival called the National Cannabis Festival, which will be held at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium grounds.

The festival, which is in its fifth year, has a solid musical lineup featuring acts like Wiz Khalifa, Ghostface Killah, Lettuce, Backyard Band and many others.  The festival will also feature a series of discussions relevant to cannabis.  Topics range from wellness to policy to culture.  Attendees can learn and engage in a dialogue about the health benefits of cannabis and exchange ideas with medical professionals and dispensary owners.

http:// https://youtu.be/kOcFAU1DKZw

Street Lawyer Services Foundation, a 501(c) 3 arm of Street Lawyer Services, continues to use our platform for those negatively impacted by drug offenses along with other crimes that haunt them.  We will be hosting an expungement fair in our tent at the festival (oh yeah, did we mention there’s an SLS tent!).   Lonny The Street Lawyer and our team of SLS in-house attorneys will walk attendees through the steps of expungements. Individuals with past criminal convictions that have blemished their record for far too long can come to learn how to have them sealed, pending eligibility. 

Street Lawyer Strain

At SLS we introduced the Street Lawyer Strain, which is an exclusive sativa strain.  It has a beautiful, neon green, martian-like glow.  It’s scent is lemon lime.  Its effects stimulates the mind and body.  Also, a portion of the proceeds from our coupons go toward the foundation to fund such critical criminal justice work and programming.

This is why the Street Lawyer Foundation was started, so that they can educate the public on issues related to expungement and sealing of criminal records from the public view.  The foundation works with expungement lawyers to give clients the best chance of successfully sealing their criminal record in the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia.  If unable to make the festival, individuals interested in having their record sealed, should send their inquiry to [email protected] or visit the Foundation’s offices in Washington, D.C and Street Lawyer Foundation will be happy to assist them.

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