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4 common mistakes people make with marijuana in Washington D.C

September 27, 2021 | Cannabis Law
Weed in DC

4 common mistakes people make with marijuana in Washington D.C

Getting high in Washington D.C. can be a tricky thing, but with the right information you’ll have an amazing experience!

Washington D.C. is lucky enough to have access to some of the best cannabis in the country. Cannabis remains federally illegal but there is a new legislation for recreational cannabis for Washingtonians since Initiative 71 passed in November 2014. Initiative 71 has unique legislation versus other recreational cannabis states. This Street Lawyer Service guideline will ensure you avoid the common pitfalls people make with cannabis in Washington D.C and get your perfect cannabis smoke today!

You purchase instead of getting weed gifted

The Washington D.C current cannabis laws state that you cannot legally purchase cannabis, it must be gifted for free. Street Lawyer Services is a Washington D.C business in the cannabis industry that offers discounted coupons for FREE cannabis. All you have to do is provide valid ID for 21+ years of age. Street Lawyer Services provides a premium cannabis menu for indica and sativa. Expect to find White Runtz strain, Apple Fritters strain and more.

Smoking in public places

You can’t light up anywhere in public in Washington D.C. Smoking cannabis in public and federal property remains illegal. You may be cited and released. A person can be penalized with 60 days jail or fined up to $500 dollars depending on the incident.


But what about smoking weed on your own property? There’s no law against it! However, if your neighbors report you for being high, they have the right to take legal action against you. If this happens, be sure to contact The Law Office of Lonny Bramzon as soon as possible.

Growing too many marijuana plants

Initiative 71 is the law that says you can grow cannabis in your D.C home for personal use. You can even give away what you produce as long as it doesn’t exceed one ounce of marijuana per transaction! The only catch is that there are restrictions on how many plants you can have in your home at once—no more than six plants total and three plants can only be maturing at once.

Possess any amount of marijuana if under the age of 21 

You are not allowed to smoke marijuana if you’re under 21 years of age. Initiative 71 states it is illegal to possess marijuana because it is considered a controlled substance in the District of Columbia. 


Follow these 4 common mistakes people make with marijuana in Washington D.C and ensure you are enjoying your cannabis safely today and everyday. If you have been charged with a cannabis related crime in Washington D.C, call Lonny The Street Lawyer from the Law Office of Lonny Bramzon at your earliest convenience.