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5 reasons to come to Street Lawyer Services

November 15, 2021 | Featured SLS Events SLS NEWS

5 reasons to come to SLS.

  1. The weed
  2. The environment
  3. The women
  4. The lawyer
  5. The lifestyle

Street Lawyer Services - Weed in DC - Marketing Agency in Washington, DC

First things first, most people want to smoke cannabis and that is exactly why you have to come to Street Lawyer Services. We have top tier premium strains and edibles. Strains that are indica, hybrid, indica-dominant hybrids, sativas, 50/50 hybrids, and more. While fan favorite strains make their return and some strains are consistently on the menu; we got you. Stay updated when  Ice Cream Cake, Cereal Milk, or Girl Scout Cookies & more are back in stock. 


Street Lawyer Services welcomes all if you are over the age of 21. This place is for all and welcomes everyone with open arms starting right at the front door. Yes, our security might be the first person you are greeted by, but become a regular and you’ll see everyone is just as friendly as the budtenders. Talking about the budtenders, let’s talk about the SLS Women. These women are the bread and butter of SLS. A friendly smile (behind the mask), offering their knowledge on products and gifting you free gifts! Lonny the Street Lawyer is also another friendly face that pops in the store from time to time, and when he does. Oh! It is a treat for all and he might give you some extra treats! 


Finally, the lifestyle of SLS. We are not only a store, we host events that allow the community to enjoy each other while getting high. Also, H St. is the heartbeat of DC and we love to participate in events in our own neighborhood. Miami and New York City are two places where you can experience the Street Lawyer Services lifestyle as well. We got the whole east covered just for you.