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Halloweed at Street Lawyer Services ? (Exclusive Deals)

October 19, 2021 | SLS Events SLS NEWS

Halloweed at Street Lawyer Services

SLS celebrates Halloween everyday by giving away all of the best strains at Street Lawyer Services including: Banana Sundae Strain, Runtz Strain, DC Mota Distillates Gummies, Nerd Ropes, Garlic Cookies Strain, and more!

All Treats, No Tricks

SLS is celebrating Halloween all month long with free gifts, free delivery, and many coupon codes! Be on the lookout for many ways to trick or treat at Street Lawyer Services. No spook here, but our discount code, “Spooky10”. What a perfect time to bring back deliveries, and this time around when you place an order online, use the code “Spooky10”  to receive 10% off your entire order and free delivery.

Also, if this is your first time at SLS nothing to be spooked about just use the code and get a discount of 10%. 

Trick or Treat, mostly treats: Women x Weed wands, papers, lighters, trays, and many more! Spin the wheel for a chance to win a free gift on top of your free gifts! Friend’s birthday? Halloween party? Or just a gift for yourself! The whole month of October you can get this Gift Box for FREE with a purchase of a $120 Legal Coupon. SLS Women have the halloween treats for you! We got you!

View Gift Box HERE

Street Lawyer Services Halloween Coupon

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