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How to get weed in Washington D.C with no medical card

September 27, 2021 | Cannabis Law

Looking for weed shops in DC?

You’ve come to the right place! Cannabis is now recreational in Washington, DC. But, it is still illegal to “buy” weed without a medical card according to the I-71 law put in place since November 2014. 

So how do you get weed in DC without buying it?

At Street Lawyer Services, we gift cannabis for free. 

Street Lawyer Services is a Cannabis Lifestyle Brand brought to you by Lonny the Street Lawyer. Lonny the Street Lawyer is Washington DC’s Premiere Criminal Defense Lawyer. Lonny has found a way to utilize his legal services to support citizens with their cannabis related criminal charges while also providing gifted cannabis to his clientele. 

Since the recent Initiative 71 law was created, Washington D.C has seen a large list of marijuana gifting shops or “pop ups” arise, but none of them have a historic brand you can trust. The quality at the other pop up shops is uncertain and their storefronts are known to disappear the day after you go in. 

At Street Lawyer Services, we comply with the I-71 gifting laws and sell valuable legal service coupons that can be redeemed anytime a client needs a criminal defense attorney. Street Lawyer Services has been in business for over 2 years in Washington, DC with new stores opening in Miami and New York City! Our team of SLS Women (Who are the SLS Women?) brand ambassadors ensure that the cannabis gifts you receive are of the highest quality. 

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