Indica vs. Sativa: What are the Differences?

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Can I Smoke Marijuana in My Backyard?

Marijuana legislation in America is contradictory, confusing, and complex. Although the plant has been legalized for medical use in 18 states and recreational use in four, there are still many restrictions on its consumption at a federal level.

Fortunately for DC, NYC, and Miami residents, the law doesn’t forbid the consumption or possession of marijuana. For residents of NYC, smoking marijuana for recreational use is 100% legal as long as you are 21+.

In the past years, growers have begun to hybridize the different species to create a new strain of cannabis with specific properties. The most popular strains created are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.


This variety grows taller and skinnier than Indica and ruderalis plants and grows faster than either species. Sativa flowers are freely branched but form tight buds that resemble the leaves and tend to grow their branches up rather than out. This makes Sativas easier to cultivate indoors and in greenhouses, as they require less room and light than Indicas. Sativas also have an abundance of stems that attach the leaves, making it difficult for growers to harvest or trim off any unwanted plant parts quickly.


This strain of cannabis refers to a cannabis plant that is primarily native to cooler climates. They tend to grow compact and longer than Sativa plants. Indicas grow slowly, but their flowers are fat and fluffy, often with long stems. Indicas tend to develop their branches out less than Sativas, instead hanging them down from the main stem.

This kind require a lot of light and space to grow, but these plants provide the highest yield when grown outdoors.


Hybrid is a word for any plant bred by cross-breeding two or more different species or varieties. Hybrid plants combine each parent’s plant traits while retaining their own.

While hybrid plants still carry many of the same characteristics that their parents did, they often don’t grow as tall as Indicas or have large leaves as Sativas. There are hybrid strains that are rich in CBD and THC but still have high amounts of CBD.

Choosing the right product

When choosing a product, it is essential to understand what you are looking for depending on the desired outcome.

Understand your tolerance

It is essential to understand your tolerance. There are marijuana products available that are high in THC and low in CBD and products that are high in CBD and low in THC.

Knowing how much you can handle is crucial when choosing a product.

Consumption method

Many people prefer to consume marijuana in the form of flowers, extracts, or edibles. For some people smoking marijuana irritates their lungs, while others find it more effective than vaping or edibles. Vaping marijuana concentrates an alternative to smoking. The high from vaping is fast and lasts longer than smoking.

The different methods of consumption include: vaping, edibles, concentrates, and inhaling.

Medicinal use of marijuana

Indica strains are preferred by patients who want to relieve symptoms such as pain, nausea, and insomnia.

A recent study found a significant reduction in muscle hypertonia with cannabis, which could benefit Parkinson’s patients.

Some doctors recommend using cannabis to treat neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis symptoms.

If you are visiting DC, you can check out any marijuana dispensary scattered throughout the city that sells these products. These dispensaries offer products varying from flowers, oils, and edibles. All required to walk out with some high-quality cannabis in DC is a valid ID and prescription.

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