Is Weed Legal in DC?

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More and more states embrace Cannabis, yet others are willing to look at Marijuana as an illegal substance. Washington D.C., commonly known as the District of Columbia, does not deem cannabis use or possession unlawful. Nevertheless, it remains illegal for individuals under 21 due to their proximity to Maryland state lines and enforcement from that state.

Washington, DC, is only one of the few states guaranteed to become medical marijuana states. Several states will make this amendment next year, including Arizona, California, Maine, and Hawaii.

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The different uses of Marijuana

Marijuana is used for several reasons. You can use it for fitness, recreation, and more.

Medical Marijuana for Pain

Pain relief is one of the most significant benefits of medical Marijuana. Many people suffering from chronic pain have found that medical Marijuana helps tremendously with pain management. These drugs are designed to deliver medicinal effects to the body and can be found in a dispensary.

The presence of the principal psychoactive constituent Tetrahydrocannabinol in Marijuana is why people prefer to use it as a medicine.


Marijuana and Cancer

People who are suffering from cancer can also benefit from using Marijuana. It can help reduce nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite caused by chemotherapy in many people. It can also help stimulate their appetites, reduce the pain and nausea patients often feel from chemotherapy, ease the muscle stiffness caused by radiotherapy treatment, promote sleep, and improve their moods.


Recreational Marijuana use

Washington, D.C. legally allows recreational Marijuana with an age limit of 21. However, the city only permits adult use in private residences, not in public spaces or where children are present.


There are many ways you can use Marijuana. If you have never tried Cannabis before, it is recommended to try an edible or vaporize it.



Edibles are a popular form of enjoying weed without having to smoke. Most people recommend starting with an edible, especially if you’re new to cannabis consumption.


You can enjoy your edibles on the go by purchasing them in pre-packaged and disposable bags. These edible packs contain a small portion of the Cannabis used to make them. The simple act of eating one will clear your system and allow you to continue with your day feeling nothing but calm.



If you’ve never tried to smoke Cannabis, it is a good idea to start with vaporizing. This will allow you to use Cannabis without inhaling the harmful smoke. Your lungs only absorb the drug when vaporized, not the tar or carcinogens in smoke. Vaporizing your herb will also allow for whole plant consumption, creating a more medicinal product than burning it.


Cannabis oils

Using Cannabis oils is another option for consuming Marijuana. Currently, many different products contain THC or CBD but are not widely available.


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