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@Lbtwink joins the SLS Fam!

March 11, 2021 | SLS NEWS
@Lbtwink joins the SLS Fam!

Based in Long Beach, California, Cannabis and lifestyle influencer Lbtwink has joined the SLS brand ambassador team! 

Thomas, better known as Lbtwink, is creating an inclusive space on social media for the LGBTQIA+ and Cannabis community. He holds it down for the “girls, gays, and non-binary babes!”


In September 2020, the SLS Team took a trip to LA to learn more about the California Cannabis community and connect with local influencers. Lbtwink notes that Street Lawyer Services is the first cannabis community they have partnered with since many brands are less inclined to work with a feminine gender fluid individual. The SLS team has always strived to create more diverse representation in the cannabis community from SLS women to our customers! Lbtwink wants to be a role model and positive content creator for folks of all ages and backgrounds. Lbtwink is proud to be apart of a diverse community of influencers at Street Lawyer Services. 


Living throughout Northern and Southern California growing up, they came out in high school, after hiding his identity in the religious household he was raised in. Thomas first felt fully accepted when moving to Long Beach and being immersed in the strong Queer community there. When they were 17, they were diagnose HIV positive and turned to Youtube to tell their story, receiving over 100,000 Views which led him to become a voice in breaking the stigma associated with people who have HIV (feel free to phrase that however you think fits best!” They started making content part-time to share his unique experiences and connect with others going through similar situations. Once the pandemic began in March 2020, they lost his retail job and refocused his energy on solely creating content. Lbtwink has since become a prominent Queer influencer in the Cannabis community on Tik Tok. They are very open with his followers about his hardships, which has made his content relatable and created a safe and positive space for queer folks. Now 21, they create content on OnlyFans, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok, having gained over 130k followers combined on all platforms. Most recently, they started a clothing line, Twinky Couture


“Live your fantasy and never let the fear of being yourself stop you from chasing your dreams!”