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Street Lawyer Foundation Closes In On Its First Expungement

January 13, 2022 | Featured SLS NEWS

Furthering our commitment to criminal justice and looking out for those who may have been negatively impacted from previous actions, we’re proud to announce that the Street Lawyer Foundation is in the process of expunging a record of our first client:  Jose Hernandez.  And when we say “in the process,” we mean, it’s already been approved, we’re just waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Hernandez, an immigrant from El Salvador, had a blemish on his record from a charge he received in 1999 in Alexandria County, Virginia when he was 18.  “I just asked my friend,” Hernandez said.  “I’m in the process of getting my citizenship and I was trying to see how to get it expunged.”  That’s when Kelvin Garcia of the Street Lawyer Foundation stepped in.  “It was a smooth process,” says Hernandez.  “Kelvin helped me with everything.  He guided me and was telling me what I needed to do and he actually went to the courthouse for me.  He was with me every step of the way.  That was reassuring.”  Hernandez was open about his own thoughts getting in the way of trying to get it expunged himself.  He was worried that if he did something wrong it could come back and affect him.  “In some ways, I was scared.  You start to think all of this crazy stuff.  Is it going to hold me back from citizenship?”  

As to how it feels, Hernandez said, “It feels good.  I don’t have this hanging over me anymore.”  

This is why the Street Lawyer Foundation was started, so that we can educate the public on issues related to expungement and sealing of criminal records from the public view.  The foundation works with expungement lawyers to give clients the best chance of successfully sealing their criminal record in the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia.  Individuals interested in having their record sealed, should send their inquiry to [email protected] or visit the Foundation’s offices in Washington, D.C and Street Lawyer Foundation will be happy to assist them.

“I’m grateful,” said Hernandez.  “They really helped me out.”