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Street Lawyer Foundation Provides Expungement Support to Those in Need

October 29, 2021 | Cannabis Law SLS NEWS
Street Lawyer Foundation




 Street Lawyer Services, the cannabis lifestyle brand, founded by former criminal defense attorney Lonny The Street Lawyer has launched Street Lawyer Foundation.  It’s a 501(c) 3 committed to the expungement and sealing of case records for those eligible in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.  

Lonny has always been passionately vocal about helping the wrongly accused or those who have made mistakes in their personal lives steer themselves in the appropriate direction.  He has a career’s worth of experience getting records expunged based on innocence, public justice based on decriminalized or legalized conduct such as possession of marijuana.

The reason this is critical is because unfortunately a criminal record can function as a blemish upon a person’s character, making it extremely challenging to find a good job, further one’s education or even get an apartment.  As the conversation about marijuana in this country changes and also as the nation becomes more understanding of harder substance use as an epidemic and not a criminal act, foundations like these are indispensable.    

Expungement procedures are a very complex process that are best handled with an expert in expungement law. The expungement forms and procedures are arduous, not to mention the factors to consider in order to present a successful case. 

This is why the Street Lawyer Foundation was started, so that they can educate the public on issues related to expungement and sealing of criminal records from the public view.  The foundation works with expungement lawyers to give clients the best chance of successfully sealing their criminal record in the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia.  Individuals interested in having their record sealed, should send their inquiry to [email protected] or visit the Foundation’s offices in Washington, D.C and Street Lawyer Foundation will be happy to assist them.

The organization’s team of lawyers have years of experience defending the law in the criminal justice system in Washington, D.C.  The Law Offices of Lonny Bramzon care about their clients are empathetic towards the hurdles individuals are going through.  Lonny, The Street Lawyer, is here to assist and ready to do the necessary work on behalf of the people.

Street Lawyer Services

Street Lawyer Services is a cannabis lifestyle brand sweeping the east coast market. In 2019,

Street Lawyer Services was founded by Lonny The Street Lawyer in Washington, DC.  Lonny is a radio personality, high profile criminal defense attorney, and now a cannabis marketing expert. Lonny has utilized his following and expertise in marijuana drug charges to open up cannabis shops in Washington, DC, Miami, FL, and New York City. The laws in every state are constantly progressing towards legalization and Lonny has been on the forefront of getting cannabis to the people.