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Street Lawyer Services sets eyes towards future with expansions, NYC, Miami

October 25, 2021 | SLS NEWS

Street Lawyer Services sets eyes towards future with expansions, NYC, Miami

WASHINGTON, D.C../September 30, 2021/Street Lawyer Services–  Like a sparkly flower of your favorite indica, Street Lawyer Services has blossomed profusely.  It’s now added two more cannabis stores to its repertoire:  Street Lawyer Services New York and Street Lawyer Services Miami.  


Street Lawyer Services is the brainchild of Lonny The Street Lawyer, a former high-profile defense attorney in the Washington-metropolitan area.  A graduate of Stanford University and Columbia Law School, Lonny witnessed the pervasive presence of alcohol in violent crimes among his defendants.  He also witnessed the excessive jail sentences for marijuana related crimes.  From this depressingly historic scenario sparked a beautiful business idea: a cannabis gifting store where he’d offer legal services for patrons.  This commitment to combat the criminal justice system’s mistreatment of drug offenders is how Bramzon built such a powerful community.


In Washington, D.C. Lonny utilizes the I-71 cannabis gifting laws that were established in 2015 to open his cannabis gifting shop in DC. Initiative 71 states that it is legal to “gift” cannabis in DC, but it is illegal to sell or distribute cannabis without a medical license. Lonny is barred in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He sells his legal consultation hours as coupons redeemable for his services in the future. The shop in DC is his marketing office for selling the legal service coupons. When you go into the DC shop to buy your coupons, you can also pick your cannabis gift from a variety of strains hand-picked by Lonny the Street Lawyer. The cannabis gifts are free to the community who come in to buy his legal services. 


Fully stocked with cannabis flower, edibles and the increasingly popular Delta 8-THC, the cannabis community will now have access to the uniquely innovative SLS customer service experience.  The backbone of SLS are the SLS Women, brand ambassadors all pursuing a cannabis lifestyle career.  They manage the marketing and operations of SLS and are deeply knowledgeable about the cannabis products that SLS has to offer.  Upon entering one of SLS’s locations, one feels like they’ve entered an Apple Store for cannabis.  Its shelves are filled with quality products that serve the varied needs of visitors:  therapeutic needs for mental health or simple recreation.  There are various products to suit various experiences.


What distances SLS from other cannabis gifting brands is its finger on the pulse of cannabis culture.  SLS isn’t just a store, it’s a vibe.  Through its commitment to the arts, SLS supports local artists and entertainers that reflect the creativity and values of SLS.  By hosting regular events and showcasing these artistic talents, SLS aims to boost the careers of these burgeoning artists anyway they can. 


In New York, Street Lawyer Services has opened up a cannabis gift shop but instead of legal services offered, SLS will be providing their digital content from SLS’s channels for customers.  With the array of unique programming taking place in the store, like podcast interviews by legendary DJ Tony Touch with up and coming rappers to various shorts, the content is quality.  


In Miami, Bramzon’s retail shop sells Delta 8 THC, which is a less potent amount of THC as Delta 9, which is known traditionally as regular marijuana.  Street Lawyer Services works within the laws of each state to provide the most appropriate product for its clientele.  SLS is committed to expanding access to cannabis to those who need it.  


Street Lawyer Services

Street Lawyer Services is a cannabis lifestyle brand sweeping the east coast market. In 2019, Street Lawyer Services was founded by Lonny The Street Lawyer in Washington, DC. Lonny is a radio personality, high profile criminal defense attorney, and now a cannabis marketing expert. Lonny has utilized his following and expertise in marijuana drug charges to open up cannabis shops in Washington, DC, Miami, FL, and New York City. The laws in every state are constantly progressing towards legalization and Lonny has been on the forefront of getting cannabis to the people.