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Street Lawyer’s NEW Official & Exclusive Strain

October 25, 2021 | SLS NEWS SLS Strains
Lonny The Street Lawyer Cannabis Strain

You know you’ve arrived when you have your own strain.  Street Lawyer Services is proud to debut the SLS strain.  When choosing a strain, owner of SLS, Lonny the Street Lawyer wanted to choose a cannabis strain that reflected the unique taste of the brand and its overall vibe.  “Many people started offering to make a strain for [us].  All of these people in Colorado, Oregon and California,’ said Lonny.  Not one to ignore its roots, SLS wanted to go local with its first strain.  Friends introduced Lonny to some growers in DC “who are phenomenal,” he says.  SLS’s strain is grown locally by Monsirotto.

How did it become love at first sight?  “It was the mixture of the smell,” says Lonny.  “The unique look of it and the smoothness of the smoke.  You don’t cough.”  Agreed.

The bud has a neon green Martian like glow, lemon lime aroma and a complex web of famous genetics hand-picked by Lonny the Street Lawyer. The high is a total mind and body stimulating effect.

This new cannabis gift from the Street Lawyer Services family is now available at the store.

SLS sells discounted coupons redeemable for legal services provided by the Law Offices of Lonny Bramzon.  All coupons come with an optional FREE cannabis gift of your choice.