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There’s No Party Like A SLS 420 Party

November 8, 2021 | SLS Events

There’s No Party Like A SLS 420 Party

Lonny The Street Lawyer and the SLS Women are on the forefront of the cannabis industry in Washington, DC. Join the SLS team as they party on April 20th, 2021 also known as 420. This party is welcomed to the public, show your ID, purchase a ticket to experience the influential Cannabis Brand that is proliferating the East Coast cannabis culture across the nation.

D.C King of Cannabis: Street Lawyer Services' Lonny Bramzon

Now, we do 420 everyday at SLS. We smoke all day long and you might just catch us on Instagram live at 4:20pm somedays. If you were there, you know we celebrated 420 until almost 4:20 in the morning. Our first annual 420 Party included endless weed for consumers to smoke, a dab bar with Weed Wookie, infused treats from our friends Georgetown Kushcakes and DC Mota, and vibing with the whole SLS Team: Lonny and the SLS Women. 


More of a reader? Well, let us give you a taste of how the evening went. At 9pm, walking into the SLS storefront and the first two things you’re given a friendly smile and a free joint. What??? Ok, ok, let us breathe. The room is filled with a group of friends, potheads, individuals, couples and the SLS team. Everyone begins to fill the front room; checking out the display gifts, the array of cannabis books, music all while smoking on a premium hybrid joint. Right after you go to the back spaces: walking past rolling trays and papers everywhere with 9 grams of Obama Runtz, Street Lawyer, Gelato, DoSiDo, and more.Then we got real high and did