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Want to do good while feeling good? ? (Exclusive Deals)

October 22, 2021 | SLS Events SLS NEWS

For Breast Cancer fighters, survivors, and their loved ones, “awareness” isn’t a one-month thing; it’s a life-long thing. At Street Lawyer Services, we honor and respect that. During the month of October, Street Lawyer Services is proud to be teaming up with Breast Cancer Awareness nonprofits in Washington, DC. A month of free canna-goodies just by donating for the benefit of survivors of breast cancer. We are excited to be helping women by donating the scarves and hats to SLS with the opportunity to raise awareness to this extremely important cause.

Do Good. Feel Good.

Breast Cancer x Cannabis

In May 2020, Breastcancer.org announced the results of a study on the use of marijuana by breast cancer patients. According to their surveys, more than 42 percent of breast cancer patients used marijuana. The majority of those patients who used marijuana as part of their treatment plan reported that marijuana was indeed effective at reducing pain, nausea, and anxiety. The indica strain is reported to reduce pain, nausea and anxiety. Street Lawyer Services carries indica strains in stock.

Donate a hat or scarf to Street Lawyer Services and receive a 10% off all month! Show your support to fighters, survivors, and their loved ones!