What Are Tinctures?


Tinctures are alcohol-based herbal remedy that is usually taken orally. For thousands of years, people have relied on tinctures for various health issues, ranging from calming anxiety to easing digestive problems. Like many other herbs we know and use daily, tinctures are considered Eastern medicine. Practitioners have used their often-prescribed herbal formulas in China, Japan, India, and Korea for centuries. Tincture are mixtures of herbs put into alcohol, a type of grain alcohol. The tincture is left to soak in the alcohol to blend with the spices. Tinctures can be considered one form of medicinal extract.

How do Tincture Work?

Tinctures work because of the alcohol content. The body absorbs alcohol quickly and easily, which allows the herbs to enter the bloodstream. Medicines are usually taken by mouth, traveling through the digestive system and bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the tincture can enter organs and cells, which can be absorbed by either boosting or fighting off specific immune systems within those cells.

How are Tincture Administered?

The traditional way to take a tincture is by putting a few drops under the tongue. This method is still prevalent among practitioners of Eastern medicine. However, you can take remedies in pill form or add them to food and drink. Some people even drink brew as a shot straight from the bottle. Whatever method you choose, it’s essential to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding dosage and frequency of use.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Tinctures?

Tincture can’t just be considered one of the most popular herbal remedies because they offer numerous benefits. For example, tinctures are commonly used to relieve anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, you can take a tincture to calm the nervous system. This could help prevent more severe problems if one gets visibly stressed out. Tincture are also highly potent, so they can be used to help remedy a wide array of health problems and ailments. If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, indigestion, or arthritis, you can find a tincture to relieve those issues.

Weed in DC

As DC residents, we understand the confusion and uncertainty some people have communicating with their healthcare providers about medical cannabis. This is why we always look for ways to use both traditional and alternative medicine. We believe all patients should have the right to choose what works best for them medically without fear of legal repercussions. Many studies show cannabis can help treat many of the same conditions as prescription pills, with zero side effects or a reduced risk of addiction.

Cannabis in NYC

It is now legal to buy and use medical marijuana in New York. Some laws protect patients that use it. But when you go to buy cannabis, you will find the products they have on offer are not what patients need. The reason is that they are not grown here, and most are imported from places like California, Colorado, and Washington. To get the best quality strains, one must develop their own or go abroad to some countries where there is no government control over the market. Medical cannabis is still not allowed in New York, but it is legal for medical purposes. Weed near me dc is a medical cannabis dispensary in DC.

Tincture seem to be a good thing for relieving anxiety, off-setting depression, and aiding the body in some way. However, it doesn’t seem the best for many of us suffering from chronic pain or other illness. If you have been prescribed medication you prefer to take as a tincture instead, we recommend consulting your doctor first. This is to ensure that you’re getting the best dosage for you. Patients should always be aware of their tinctures’ ingredients and prescription information before taking them. They may also want to investigate the other benefits or downfalls of taking a medicine versus another type of medication.