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What I learned from my first cannabis gifting experience in Washington D.C.

September 27, 2021 | Featured

What I learned from my first cannabis gifting experience in Washington D.C

It wasn’t until I moved into Washington D.C., a state that legalized recreational marijuana use, that I had my first cannabis gifting experience. It was a surreal moment as I walked up to the Street Lawyer Services, on H-Street Washington D.C door and knocked, not knowing what awaited me on the other side. A moment later, a Street Lawyer Service woman opened the door with a smile on her face. She welcomed me in and told me about how discounted coupons are redeemable for legal services provided by the Law Office of Lonny Bramzon. As we walked around the shop admiring the merchandise and cannabis products, she pointed me to a wall full of jars filled with different strains of indica and sativa weed.

Street Lawyer Services H Street

I was so excited to find the most pungent weed strains in DC. I purchased my legal coupon from the Street Lawyer Service Woman before gifted free cannabis with it! As soon as I left, a security guard wished me well- he must have recognized how much money is at stake for people who want their cannabis legally without going through any hassle or risk themselves when purchasing them on street corners like we used to back in high school.

I just hope my mom doesn’t find out.




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