How do I reserve online?

Go to our “Shop” page. Choose the legal service coupons that you want and then choose the gifts that come with it. Check your cart total and fill out the information to complete your order!

How do the legal coupons work?

Street Lawyer Services is a marketing office for the Law Office of Lonny Bramzon (A High Profile Criminal Defense Attorney) serving the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia). If you ever need any legal support, the legal service coupons that you purchase are redeemable for our attorney’s consultation time.The cannabis gifts that you receive at the shop […]

Do I need a medical card to buy weed in DC?

At SLS, you do not need a medical for recreational use because you are not buying weed. You are buying legal service coupons and getting gifted weed if you want it. If you want to try one of the DC medical marijuana dispensaries, then you will need to apply for a DC medical marijuana card. […]

Can I buy weed in DC?

Cannabis is LEGAL for recreational use in DC and you are able possess two ounces or less of marijuana. BUT, you cannot sell weed or buy weed from a dispensary like you can in Colorado or Los Angeles. DC’s MARIJUANA LAWS can be found here. Initiative 71 aka “I-71” is Washington, D.C. voter initiative to […]