Can I buy weed in DC?

Category: Basics

Cannabis is LEGAL for recreational use in DC and you are able possess two ounces or less of marijuana. BUT, you cannot sell weed or buy weed from a dispensary like you can in Colorado or Los Angeles. DC’s MARIJUANA LAWS can be found here. Initiative 71 aka “I-71” is Washington, D.C. voter initiative to legalize recreational marijuana, which came into effect in 2015. Lonny The Street Lawyer utilized his legal expertise to open up a store front to provide free weed to the people of DC! You do not need a medical card to receive cannabis or weed from our shop in DC! You must have a valid 21+ ID when visiting! Walk-ins welcome. At Street Lawyer Services, you receive cannabis gifts for free! At the shop, you can purchase our legal service coupons for a discounted legal consultation with Lonny the Street Lawyer. SLS legal service coupons are redeemable for discounted legal services. With every legal service coupon purchase, you are able to receive flower or edibles as an optional gift.

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